When it comes to financial impact, whether to sell or hold a property is highly consequential. In the short-term we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars. And over the longer term, we could be talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars put at risk or to be made.

Making the right call could net you a significant windfall, making the wrong call could narrow your financial future alarmingly. That is why coming to a decision to sell is so hard in the first place. It requires clear thinking and an unbiased analytical approach to looking at the numbers.

Recycling costs$81,778
          Exit costs$39,003
                    Selling Costs$5,068
                              Selling agent's commission$2,000
                              Legal fees to sell$1,234
                              Marketing costs for selling$1,334
                              Staging for sale
                              Other selling costs
                    Capital gains tax$33,935
                              Capital gain$182,820
                                        Selling costs$5,068
                                        Cost base$368,000
                                                  Current property original purchase price$362,000
                                                  Stamp duty paid
                                                  Legal fees to buy current property
                                                  Current property's LMI
                                                  Cost base - other
                              Other capital Gain
                              CGT discount50%
                              Salary & other income$90,000
          Entry costs$42,775
                    LVR for new purchase80%
                    Stamp duty to pay$40,575
                    Inspection costs$1,000
                              Building inspection cost$1,000
                              Pest inspection cost
                              Strata report cost
                              Depreciation schedule
                              Other inspection costs
                    Legal fees to buy replacement$1,200
                    Buyer's agent fee
                    Other entry costs
                    Replacement property target price$948,584
                    Estimated new property expenses as %1.5%

Sell or Hold is perfect for the job, as it doesn’t factor in any behavioural bias about money. It simply collects your property’s data, analyses it, compares it to alternative markets and provides you with financial recommendations, showing all the reasons to either sell or hold. It uses artificial intelligence applied to big data to provide unparalleled predictive insights.

Many owners have been told by experts to “never sell”. Yet this is the wrong advice in so many cases. You could miss out on a better opportunity and even lose money by swallowing this one-size-fits-all cliché. Even after paying: capital gains tax; agent’s commission; stamp duty; and legal fees, you could still be better off selling and buying elsewhere - sometimes, much better off.

You owe it to yourself, and potentially to your family, to investigate what is the best decision for your case. For opportunities or for peace of mind, you can run your property through Sell or Hold and find out.