A property database containing a vast array of variables and attributes is updated each month for every suburb in Australia. This intelligent software uses a demand and supply algorithm developed by Jeremy Sheppard. It predicts the future capital growth for thousands of suburbs across Australia. It can forecast your property’s performance and compare it to those of suitable alternatives.

Sell or Hold looks at the rental income and expenses of your current investment property. It scores supply and demand for that location and forecasts its future growth. It then calculates how much money you’d have if you sold that property and what those sale proceeds could buy you. Finally, it forecasts the same performance factors for possible replacements to see if you’d be better off selling or holding.

To use Sell or Hold:

1 Open your account

2 Input your property data

3 You will gain initial insights on your property’s current performance.

In taking the next step, you access the full Sell or Hold predictive platform!

From here you will be able to examine alternative scenarios and compare your property against other markets to determine what is the best financial decision for you.

Breaking down the analysis process:

  • Input Property Data
    • Existing Holding & Operational Costs
    • Possible Exit Costs
    • Potential Re-entry Costs
  • Predictive Assessments
    • Forecast capital & rental yield of existing market
    • Crawl all comparative markets in Australia for replacement options
  • Comparison Analysis
    • Review Replacement Markets
    • Multiple Scenario Modelling
    • Assessing Opportunity Cost Outcomes
    • Reviewing the Results and Recommendations (Sell or Hold)

If you want to learn more about the great value this software service can deliver you, then download the free Sample Sell or Hold report below. The sample will give you an in-depth look at the level of information captured. It clearly illustrates the financial value that good information can put in your hands when tackling big decisions.