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A Big Decision

Every year tens of thousands of property owners across Australia deliberate over whether to sell. Often this decision is put off because it is not easy due to the lack of quality information available. Sell or Hold has now solved this problem for investors and home owners. The intelligent software takes into consideration your financial circumstances to come up with the best course of action specific to you. This means property owners everywhere are now able to “crunch the numbers” and compare their market with other property markets across Australia. They can gain an intimate understanding of the potential financial outcomes and determine whether it’s better to keep holding a property, or if it’s better to sell it and reallocate funds elsewhere for better financial returns.

Why Sell?

Nobody ever likes to lose money, and we all want to get the best return we can from the money we have invested, right?

We sell property for a variety of reasons, they include:

Lack of capital growth

Timing the peak of the market

Holding costs too high

Bad experience with tenants

Upsizing or downsizing

Fear of a property market crash

Better returns elsewhere

Relationship breakdowns

Big upcoming maintenance costs


In preparation for retirement

Overall poor investment performance